Rediscovering drawing with Intuos, Manga Studio and a 3 year old

I studied art at school and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was never a particularly brilliantĀ artist, but the satisfaction I got from it was similar to the feeling I get when writing. Pencils, charcoal, inks. That’s my bag. I’ve loved drawing ever since I was a child, when I’d create elaborate multi-panel TRANSFORMERS and MASK comics. They were probably indecipherable squiggles but, for me, they were an early form of learning storytelling, before I had the skills to write much in the way of prose.

Then thirteen years passed. Aside from the occasional scribbled storyboard for film projects, I didn’t really do much arty stuff. Then my son was bornĀ in 2012 and I picked up a pencil again and started drawing with him. (more…)

Comics & Inkscape; novels & Scrivener

It’s about time I mentioned a couple of rather excellent software products I’ve stumbled across in recent months. First up there’s Inkscape, an open source vector graphics editor. Think GIMP, but for vector rather than raster graphics. I originally discovered it out of necessity while designing wedding invitations and table Read more…