Musings from the render farm


When I say ‘render farm’, I do of course mean my one and only computer. So while it valiantly chugs through the rendering of VFX shots for Arms Race I’m left unable to use it for much else.

So, here I am on my S3 finding out just how painful it is to type a blog post on my mobile phone. As it turns out, the combination of the S3’s absurdly massive screen and the stunning SwiftKey keyboard makes it rather pleasant and easy. This is the first time typing on a portable device hasn’t irritated me. It’s almost productive! (more…)

The Arms Race Escalation shoot

I’ve got this entire week off work, not for a holiday but for the biggest, most ambitious project It’s A Trap have ever attempted.

Back in 2010 we produced a short film called Arms Race. It began life as a few quick test shots to try out a cool gatling gun prop that Nigel Clegg had made and then rapidly expanded into a full short film. Here it is: