When I say ‘render farm’, I do of course mean my one and only computer. So while it valiantly chugs through the rendering of VFX shots for Arms Race I’m left unable to use it for much else.

So, here I am on my S3 finding out just how painful it is to type a blog post on my mobile phone. As it turns out, the combination of the S3’s absurdly massive screen and the stunning SwiftKey keyboard makes it rather pleasant and easy. This is the first time typing on a portable device hasn’t irritated me. It’s almost productive!

It’s been a busy time of late. A month back I embarked on an ambitious promo shoot for FXhome that required filming in centralish London and North Norfolk on the same day, a 2-day shoot that went off remarkably smoothly. Not least thanks to our pro crew, brought in by my colleague Tom ‘I used to work in London’ McLoughlin.

Feels like Tom only just started working at FXhome but it’s been over a year. It’s made a huge difference to the amount and quality of work we can do, having him there.

Talking of which, we both headed to Amsterdam about 5 minutes after the shoot to attend the IBC Show. It was a long, tiring week of standing up all day in an exhibition centre. On the other hand, we had the pleasure of revealing and showing off HitFilm 2 and then venturing into Amsterdam in the evenings.

I really, really love Amsterdam. Must go back at some point.

Meanwhile, the arrival of Jones Jr draws ever nearer. Very exciting times indeed. Can’t wait to meet the little fella.

November, then, is shaping up to be utterly batshit mental:

1st – HitFilm 2 drops.
10th – Arms Race Escalation premieres.
24th – due date.



Frank W. · November 5, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Hello, I’m over in the states in sunny Florida, and I have only just found out about you, HitFilm, and HitFilm 2. I just wanted to say to you and all your colleagues at FXhome: Thank you. Thank you very much. I have downloaded the demo version of HitFilm 2 and plan on doing my best to familiarize myself with all the features while I’m scraping up the cash to buy it. That’s not your problem though, the software is very affordably priced. I’m just not financially well-off at the moment. In fact I’m so poor, I can’t pay attention half the time. In fact I’m really po. I cant afford the other ‘o’ and the ‘r’. That’s why finding FXhome is so wonderful to me. Because your product is so much more affordable than that uhdoughbie aphtur iffex, or what ever you call it, and your massive collection of free on-line help resources will get me up to speed in no time. Then maybe I can post some content of my own and, who knows, maybe even make some money!!

Well, a quick thanks again, and congrats on your newly arriving bundle of joy. All success to you in your professional and personal life.


Simon Jones · November 6, 2012 at 11:01 am

Hi Frank! Many thanks for the kind comment, very much appreciated.

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