I’ve got this entire week off work, not for a holiday but for the biggest, most ambitious project It’s A Trap have ever attempted.

Back in 2010 we produced a short film called Arms Race. It began life as a few quick test shots to try out a cool gatling gun prop that Nigel Clegg had made and then rapidly expanded into a full short film. Here it is:

The short film turned out far better than I think any of us were expecting. Even more surprising was how popular it turned out to be with audiences online. At over 50,000 views it’s our most popular film by quite a way and, more importantly, the vast majority of viewers seem to have really enjoyed watching. Both online and at festivals we’ve had extremely positive feedback.

From the moment Arms Race proved a success we started work on a follow-up. Rather than a simple short film sequel, we decided to take things up a few notches by expanding into a web series. This week we’re shooting all 6 episodes back-to-back, a venture which is equal parts ambition and insanity.

The crew is huge (by our standards), we’re scooting all over Norfolk to grab some amazing locations and we’ve got a bunch of custom-built sets and astonishing props. I’m blogging about it in more detail over on the Arms Race website, so make sure to check it out.

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Philip David Wesson · May 11, 2012 at 4:14 pm

I’m really excited to see how you guys execute this. The short itself was a huge inspiration for me to create, and I’m sure that the webseries will blow me away! As someone who wants to produce a web series as well, I can’t wait to see 1) your final project, and 2) as much BTS as possible. Any chance of an article or two about the production side of producing? I know that there are a few posts on the HitFilm forums, but the more info, the better!

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