So, looks like I never actually wrote about the new version of The Orphan Factory, despite managing to update the Short Films page. When I officially joined the It’s A Trap! team last year, one of the first things we did was bring The Orphan Factory under the IAT banner. Given that it was crewed mostly by IAT people and that myself and my co-director Christopher Puttock were now IAT members, it made a lot of sense.

While the 48 hour limit on these challenges means that the films will never be how you’d want them if you had a normal production schedule, on the whole I think it’s worth leaving them in their 48 hour state, purely from the historical point of view. However, with The Orphan Factory one aspect had always bothered me: due to dwindling time (and dwindling faculties, once it passed 3am on Monday morning) we weren’t able to grade the film. As such, it had a rather basic, videoy look – especially as the lighting was also fairly simplistic.

So I quickly threw it under a few filters and came up with something closer to what we’d have originally done, had we had a few more hours. Here is The Orphan Factory, finally graded:

This is timely, as the first weekend of April hosts this year’s Sci-Fi-London 48 hour. We’ll be taking part again, hopefully with a much better idea of how to do it, and I’ll be attempting to live blog throughout as I did last year.


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