The last week was an interesting one. For the last 3 years-or-so I’ve been working at FXhome on a brand new video product called HitFilm. For most of those 3 years it was entirely under wraps, which meant I spent an awful lot of time promising our video fans that we were working on something cool, without being able to give any details.

A month and a half ago we finally announced the product, and on July 1st it was released to the world. Turns out that releasing a product to the public after 3 years of development is a rather unique mixture of exciting and terrifying. Fortunately, most of the feedback so far has been very positive.

A big thing for me is the new website at Having nurtured the community for the last 10 years (!) I’m eager to make sure that carries on the traditions of fairness, good discussion and tolerance that we established at FXhome and which are so rare to find on the internet.

There’s so much more still to do and we have a fairly limitless bunch of ideas (and that’s before we even start getting into suggestions from the community), so there are exciting times still to come. It’s odd to think that HitFilm has only been out for a single week – it feels like months. Feedback in the age of social media is so instant and so 2-way that everything becomes quite intensified.

Anyway, check us out over at ūüôā

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