Writing notes: ADoF chapter 30 ‘Anomaly’

These middle chapters of Arc 3 are quite loosely defined in my plot document. I know where the arc is going, and I knew exactly how it was going to start. The mid-section is a little fuzzier and has some room to manouver.

Initially, the ‘truck ride’ was to last only a single chapter. In this chapter Kay, Marv and Furey would reach their destination. When it came to writing it, though, I decided that would make the truck journey a little too trivial and swift. I wanted it to feel uncomfortable and awkward and inconvenient, and that wasn’t really possible if it only lasted a single chapter. (more…)

Writing notes: ADoF chapter 29 ‘Nest’

This is the first chance to spend a bit of time with Rose Furey, although we don’t discover much about her yet. This chapter and the next are primarily character pieces, giving Kay a bit of breathing room before we get back into the action.

An interesting aspect to Arc 3 is that we get to experience Future Earth from the point of view of Kay, which means having quite an outsider perspective on the society and its technology. Until now we’ve only really known about the Big Tech – the dimension turbine – but here we start to glimpse details such as the self-driving container truck. It’s an interesting challenge, having to introduce a futuristic science fiction world based on our own in addition – or in parallel – to the more fantastical world that the story has been primarily concerned with so far. (more…)

Writing notes: ADoF chapter 28 ‘Interlude #4’

Aha! All is revealed. Or, at least, what happened to Cal.

The funny thing about the Interlude chapters is that they were never part of the original plan. I added Interlude #1 into the first story arc as a way to add some additional intrigue to the growing sense of conspiracy, and to unsettle readers. Interludes 2 and 3 then served to established Wynton Simons as a genuine character, giving the Arc 2 finale more emotional heft than if he’d just been Generic Faceless Might-Be-A-Bad-Guy. (more…)

Writing notes: ADoF chapter 27 ‘Flight’

And right here we have the setup for the rest of Arc 3. The previous two chapters were more about capping Arc 2, while ‘Flight’ sets us off in a new direction.

One thing I enjoyed about this one was juxtaposing the low key mundanity of a rustic farmhouse breakfast table with talk of rebellion. The Lynt family and their associates I was imagining in the vein of resistance fighters in 1940s France, operating behind a veil of normality. (more…)